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NewTec Scientific designs instrumentation to thermo-mechanically constrain and stress materials.
Transforms and adapts scientific instrumentation to perform analyses in constrained and severe environments (nuclear, chemical, biological,…)
Under optical or/and electron microscope it is possible to observe and analyze the physico-chemical evolutions of the samples during the thermal, mechanical and thermomechanical stress in the desired environments.

NEWTEC SCIENTIFIC designs and markets microscopy instrumentation:

  • MT1000: heating/cooling traction plate (cryo)
  • Cathodyne: Cathodoluminescence device for optical and SEM microscopes
  • FurnaSEM: In-situ SEM furnace up to 1000°C (use under partial or high vacuum and in oxidizing or reducing environment)
  • CELDI: In-situ cell for monitoring the reaction between a fluid and a liquid
  • CryoSTEM: Cryogenic device for cooling samples under SEM
  • SEM-Iris: Optical imaging device correlated to the SEM image

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