NewTec Scientific started its activity in 2012 by developing a portable cryotherapy device for the physiotherapy field. This development has been the subject of a patent concerning Peltier effect.

CRYO MEB - Peltier

We are based on this know-how for scanning electron microscopy (SEM), adaptable under any type of traditional microscope, partial vacuum or table SEM

Specifications of Cryo SEM Peltier :

  • Temperature minimum : -80°C under high vacuum,
    maximum temperature : +80°C or +250°C with a furnace
  • Adjustable temperature ramp
  • Close loop cooling
  • Gas injection device (optional)
  • Adaptable on all microscopes (SEM or optical)
  • Adaptable on MT1000 tensile stage or FurnaSEM

CRYO MEB & STEMAzote Gazeux ou Liquide

Circulation of gas or liquid nitrogen inside a sample holder with temperature regulation or flow regulation


CRYO MT1000 – FurnaSEM

Liquid nitrogen tank attached to the SEM chamber.

A vacuum copper braid links a mass to the sample holder.

No unwanted vibrations due to nitrogen circulation