Optical cathodoluminescence


Cathodyne® is an advanced technology created by NewTec Scientific fully controlled by a user-friendly software.
The motorized stage fits up to two thin sections or slabs. The build-in stitching option allows acquiring large-area maps in cathodoluminescence, transmitted or oblique reflected light in a few minutes. The software-controlled, automatic voltage and current regulation provides great image homogeneity over large areas and reproducibility.


The hardware needed for dispositive Cathodyne

  • Optical Microscope equipped with a camera (low level of light)
  • Two-stage vacuum pump and accessoires
  • Electron gun with cable
  • PC-controlled (USB) power supply
  • Darkroom rings for individual objectives patented by NewTec Scientific for optimized working conditions without energy or wavelength losses

Cathodyne characteristics:

  • Stability control of plasma from 2kV to 22kV and 25µA to 800µA
  • Automatic shooting on a surface 69mm x 39mm
  • Semi-quantitative and quantitative spectrometric measurements
  • Extreme spatial resolution <1µm
  • Optional : Heating and/or cooling stage

Left & right image : Cathodyne under optical microscope and  motorized stage