Optical cathodoluminescence


Cathodoluminescence is a spectroscopic method which allows the identification, on a local scale, of defects and impurities responsible for luminescence properties of a material bombarded by an electron gun. Fields of application are microelectronics, semiconducting, insulating materials, geology and mineralogy.


The hardware needed for dispositive Cathodyne

  • Optical Microscope equipped with a camera (low level of light)
  • A vacuum chamber containing motorized sample support
  • Vacuum pump double level and accessoires
  • Electron gun with cable
  • Power supply controler monitored by PC – Port USB.

Cathodyne characteristics:

  • Stability control of plasma 5kV à 20 kV and 50 to  400µA
  • Automatic shooting
  • Semi-quantitative measurements
  • Quantitative measurements with spectrometer
  • Extreme spatial resolution <1µm
  • Optional : Heating and/or cooling

Left & right image : Cathodyne under optical microscope and  motorized stage