FurnaSEM is a micro furnace (F = 50mm x 30mm) to qualify samples under optical microscopes and in-situ SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope), adapted to all SEM even on table.
Furnace internal specifications allows a use under high vacuum, low vacuum and with an environment controled by a gas injection (O2, H2O…) supplied optionnaly by Newtec.

Sample at 1050°C with high temperature BSE

FurnaSEM specifications:

  • Temperature maximum: 1100°C under high vacuum or low vacuum with gas injection (at 1 bar of air: 650°C)
  • Programmable temperature slope from 0,01°C/s to 10°C/s
  • Closed loop cooling circuit
  • Gas injection device (in option)
  • Remoted thermal barrier polarised (in option)
  • Adaptable on all microscopes (SEM or optical)
  • Usable under all gas O2, H2O …

BSE Images of same area at different temperatures under 50Pa of air

T1 : 113°C

T2 : 910°C


3D images at different temperatures