MT 1000

Partnership with the LSPM lab. CNRS Villetaneuse

MT 1000

The tensile stage MT1000 is a functional precision thermo-mechanical instrument to analyze and qualify materials in-situ or ex-situ .

mt 1000

MT1000 in-situ, high and low vacuum, homogeneous temperature up to 1000°C

MT1000 tilted at 70° to realize EBSD cartography at high temperature

EBSD at 550°C



  • Control and regulation of force, displacement, speed, deformation, temperature and temperature gradient
  • Configurable for EBSD Analysis
  • Measurement and monitoring of deformation without contact
  • NewTec control electronics (24-bit resolution, several inputs/outputs, relays,…)
  • SoftStrain control software for MT1000 (manual and/or automatic steps, SEM control, optical and SEM image capture)


EBSD at 700°C

Double heating / gradient

Integration optical imaging simultaneous to SEM