Tubes or cylinders analyse

Vortex is a motorized device working inside a SEM chamber to analyse tubes or cylinders.
With the Vortex we analyse all points of the diameter on the cylinder lenght, specially modified for nuclear field.

Vortex Specifications :

  • Motorization compatible with SEM remote control
  • Rotation speed controlled
  • Motorization step controlled
  • Diameter of the tube from 6 to 46 mm (lenght depending on the SEM chamber)
  • Weight: from 1kg to 1,7kg – Dimensions L200 x P130 x H80 mm
  • Manual or automatic cylinder clamping device
  • Adjustable mounting and clamping fingers
  • For nuclear field: disengageable for sample recovery by remote handling (telemanipulation)

Tilted Position

Flat Position