NewTec Scientific has developed the “SoftStrain” software to program and control the MT1000 tensile stage and carry out mechanical tests manually or automatically.

From the launch of the software: dynamic display of sensors at 10Hz

Main features of SofStrain:

  • Display of any type of curve (X, Y defined by the operator)
  • Log file with the progress of the test
  • Display of the steps in progress and the heating powers
  • Definition of a test
  • Definition of the sample type
  • Definition of limits (with password)
  • Definition of a test with the different steps
  • Force, displacement, speed, stress control…
  • Creep tests
  • Expansion tests, thermal conduction
  • Connection and dialogue with a MEB
  • Connection and dialogue with an Optical Microscope
  • Change of control during the running test
  • Slope and speed adjustable on all parameters

Editing and memorizing very ergonomic and simple scripts:

  • Programming at each step the type of control (force, displacement, stress, absolute, relative, …)
  • Programming the step value
  • Slope programming (xxx / second)
  • Heating programming (none, homogeneous, differential or independent)
  • Programming a pause time at the step level
  • Manual or automatic programming to go to the next step
  • Programming the connection to a MEB
  • Programming the connection to an optical microscope
  • Programming the recording frequency
  • Ability to delete steps
  • Possibility to copy one or more steps and to multiply it (cyclic)
  • Possibility to move a step
  • Possibility to modify the step to come during the test
  • Ability to stop a step in progress, modify and start again
  • Display possible on double screen
  • Movable display screens

Other functions are accessible and modifications are possible on request