The IRIS control bench is hardware and software package under Windows for acquisition, management and semi-automatic measurement, developed by NEWTEC to monitor the quality of weld cord in production.
With no moving parts, its simple, robust and resistant design, can be installed to the production ligne or in the laboratory, in metrological conformity,in case of an audit.
Measurements and archived images, give rise to various editions, ranging from the simple result of a cord or a part to a more global view of the functioning of the process over time with statistical studies.

Desk Fixed Template

Suitcase Portable Template with or without zoom

Software suitable for the production with two access modes : Administrator and Operator.
Operator mode is semi-automatic and can be used by operators who are not computer literate.
Hardware  adaptable  according to the shooting with  Iris (production monitoring) and/or Axone (laboratory) software.

Visualization of the cord with the inlaid measurements


Criteria editing  by the administrator in manual  or automatic mode


Evaluation of data :

  • Quality
  • Tolerance
  • Compliance
  • Diagnostics
  • Production monitoring
  • Maintenance
  • Sampling